Teaching Hebrew in Your Homeschool

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Teaching Hebrew in Your Homeschool

Many Christians are learning Hebrew. Whether or not you’re familiar with this language, it’s beautiful for multiple reasons and beneficial to learn. Plus, it’s fun to learn a new language. If you’re looking into teaching Hebrew in your homeschool, let me share with you an excellent resource for your homeschool.

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Teach Hebrew in Your Homeschool, Hebrew for Homeschoolers Affiliate, Learn Hebrew Homeschool, Legacy Guardian Resources The Benefits of Learning Hebrew

Aside from it being a beautiful language, it’s a language of the Bible. Not to mention that there are other historical source documents to help with the understanding the context and idioms of ancient culture. Additionally, Hebrew can also help to learn correct theology as it closes translation gaps. And it’s a good introduction to how semitic languages work.

But there are several other reasons to consider as well. For instance, your family may travel one day to Israel for a visit. And wouldn’t it be helpful to build your vocabulary in order to speak with Israelis? Especially if the need for directions arises. Even more than that, it allows for one to connect with the people who live there and to help build relationships.

In the event that you or your children may one day teach English as a second language in Israel, knowing Hebrew will be essential. Although these plans my not be in the near future, it’s something to keep in mind. After all, one never knows when and where the Lord will lead at any given moment.

Lastly, it’s a language of commerce today. And perhaps your child may be handling business dealings with companies over in Israel. Thankfully, it’s not terribly difficult to learn it.

Hebrew Helps With Apologetics

Teaching Hebrew in Your Homeschool helps with teaching apologetics. Considering that much is lost in translation, Hebrew helps with learning correct theology. Needless to say, this increases ones faith. Additionally, it opens doors to help lovingly share your faith as you meet other people who may not know Christ.

Grow Your Brain with Hebrew

Like some other semitic languages, the language is read from right to left. For sure, this creates new pathways in the brain as it adjusts from reading left to right in the English language.

To say nothing of the fact that it’s a whole new alphabet to learn. That being said, learning the phonetics of Hebrew is much simpler than it is in regards to English phonetics.

And Hebrew letters… they’re like art. It’s like you get to draw them vs. write them.

As with anything, it takes a growth mindset to learn. Therefore, you and your students can do it if you put your mind to it.

Teach Hebrew in Your Homeschool, Hebrew for Homeschoolers Affiliate, Learn Hebrew Homeschool, Legacy Guardian Resources

Introducing Hebrew for Homeschoolers

If you don’t know how to teach Hebrew, the cultural context and idioms of the Bible, no worries. Ana Willis of Hebrew for Homeschoolers has you covered. And here’s a bit about her background to help you rest assured:

  • Ana loves her Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • She lived in Jerusalem for five years.
  • Her education is from the Hebrew University and she’s a graduate from Israel College of the Bible in Jerusalem with a Bachelors of Arts in Bible and Judaic Studies.
  • She loves Jesus Christ, Hebrew and Israel.
  • And she has a passion for teaching Hebrew. What better way to learn a subject than from someone who is passionate about what they teach?

Moreover, Ana’s personality is relatable, warm, cheery, and likable. Together with Ana’s experience as a homeschooling mother, these courses are perfect for homeschooling, Christian families.

What to Expect in the Hebrew for Homeschoolers Course

If you have hesitations about learning Hebrew, let me share with you what is taught. This way you’ll be confident in what your family learns:

  • The Alef-Bet (Hebrew alphabet)
  • Numbers
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Greetings
  • Basic vocabulary
  • Biblical vocabulary
  • Hebrew songs
  • Lessons are once weekly for an hour each lesson.
  • Family learning for one family friendly price
  • Interaction as a class
  • Correct pronunciation of the Hebrew language
  • Once the live recording, you’ll have the ability to replay the video as often as you like
  • You have lifetime access to the recorded lessons
  • Worksheets and extra links are available for your family to practice what they learn

Different from other Hebrew courses, your family will also learn context and idioms of the Bible. And Hebrew for Homeschoolers is something your family can participate in together.

Happily, the classes are once a week. Therefore, you have a week to practice what you learn. If you’ve been homeschooling for a while, you’ll appreciate the ease that a once weekly class brings to your homeschool. And everyone sighs with relief.

Teach Hebrew in Your Homeschool, Hebrew for Homeschoolers Affiliate, Learn Hebrew Homeschool, Legacy Guardian Resources

Multiple Learning Styles

Of course this includes audio, visual, and kinesthetic senses. For this reason, students are easily able to engage in the course lessons. As an example, students are able to watch Ana as she models drawing Hebrew letters on the board. And she works with students to correctly pronounce words. Not to mention, students practice writing the alphabet and sentences. Also, music is a wonderful way to help learn.

In Conclusion

Certainly, with this 10 week course of Hebrew for Homeschoolers, your family will be able to read, write, and speak Hebrew as beginners who will be able to have basic conversations. What an exciting idea!

Remember: get an extra $5 off through August 3 at 11:55pm ET! Just use this coupon code: EXTRA5FORHEBREW. Giving you a $25 savings.

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