Home-Based Business Spotlight: Wholesome Family Farm

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Wholesome Family Farm

It’s a great joy to introduce you to Cammie and her wonderful family. While busy with homeschooling and family, she and her husband own a farm. To be sure, they’re busy offering some of the freshest and healthiest milk to their customers. And the business doubles as a part of their children’s education. As you read this article, you’ll learn that this farm is ran by a loving family with a mission to help offer the best quality milk around. Learn more about our featured home-based business spotlight: Wholesome Family Farm.

The Family Behind Wholesome Family Farm

Hi there! My name is Cammie Bray. My husband Joe and I have 10 children ages 16 down to a year and a half. There are 6 girls and 4 boys. And we own and operate Wholesome Family Farms.

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What Our Homeschool Journey Looks Like

We like to say we have been homeschooling since our first was born. We believe life is education and that we never stop learning. Of course, I also include formal teaching in our homeschool, but I don’t like to limit it to that. For the most part, I’m a bit eclectic in my style. The main methods I employ in our children’s education are Bible-centered, Charlotte Mason, Delight Directed and more.


Why We Decided to Start a Family Business

About 13 years ago my husband hurt his back while at his place of employment. As a result, he had a slipped disc which gave him unbearable nerve pain when it was out of place. We knew that continuing to work there would only make things worse. Even being a door checker and standing on concrete all day was not going to work.

 Wholesome Family Farm, Raw Milk Oregon, Raw Milk Willamette Valley, Homeschool Family Business, Legacy Guardian Homeschool Resources

We had been hobby farming for a few years and we knew that we wanted to raise our own food. We started to see how starting a raw milk herdshare could be the answer. That’s where the idea for Wholesome Family Farm began.

Honestly, if Joe had not hurt his back we would have never been brave enough to start a business. We believe God allowed his injury to inspire us to make the hard decisions. By farming and working from home Joe could pace himself and move in ways that protected his back.


How We Homeschool and Make Running Wholesome Family Farm

So, we packed up our house in Central Oregon and moved to the lush Willamette Valley with little more than a vision. The first year was rough (to say the least) and honestly very little formal learning happened that first year. But life school was full force.

Since then we have found ways to incorporate both formal education and life lessons. Our children are very involved in the farming; they each have shifts where they help with the milking.

I like to say that our farm chores are our team sport. They learn teamwork, perseverance and strategy as they work alongside us.

During the day we focus on the basics of reading, writing and math. Also, we make sure to include much discussion about history, science and world events. Plus, I make sure there is good reading material around as well. We keep school going year round so we can take breaks as need be.


How Wholesome Family Farm Is Unique

Wholesome Family Farm offers raw-milk herdshares. That means we have a herd of Jersey dairy cows that we milk. And we sell our customers a share or part in the herd so they are co-owners of the cows with us. Then they pay us a monthly fee to feed, care for and milk the cows, as well as, to filter and properly chill and deliver the milk.

A share in our herd entitles the owner to receive a half gallon of raw milk delivered to Eugene, Albany or Salem Oregon on a weekly basis. Additionally, there’s a farm pick up here in Scio.

Our cows graze on organic pastures and we supplement with organic hay and minerals. To be sure, we never grain our cows our feed them anything they would not naturally eat. Plus, we also milk once a day in order to be gentler on the cows, to give us more freedom in our life and to ensure we are giving our children proper attention. Also, it doesn’t hurt that this nearly doubles the nutrient density and cream line per jar!

But that’s not all! Wholesome Family Farm also offers flavorful, mouth watering, grass fed beef.


We Farm, So You Don’t Have To

We take farming seriously and strive to take care of the herd in the best way possible and to provide the highest quality milk to our shareholders. To be clear, this isn’t our hobby… it’s our livelihood.

While we know you can find raw milk priced less than ours, we know you will struggle to find raw milk as nutrient dense, creamy or available year-round. 

Also, the milk is crazy delicious. Just saying.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us!


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