Geology and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

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Geology and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Our family is revisiting the topic of Lewis and Clark this school year. And we decided to travel out to the Ft. Clatsop Lewis and Clark National Park for a memorable experience. And this time, we added a fun twist to our learning. We took the Geology and the Lewis and Clark Expedition Kit with us for our field study.

This post is an honest review in exchange for this product.

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The Beginnings

We headed out with our kit that is designed for grades 3-12. And on our way up, I read through the self-directed study that comes with the kit. It’s really like having the author, Patrick Nurre, as a personal geology tour guide along for the trip.

One of the many things I appreciate about the curriculum is that it boldly teaches a Young-Earth, Biblical worldview. More than that, there’s an emphasis about the fact that there’s only one science. Whereas many people tend to separate science into two categories: 1. Creation Science or 2. Secular Science.

The self-directed study opens up with:

“Introduction: Earth science, Earth history and geology are all synonymous. Every secular Earth history book I ever read always begins with “…15 billion years ago…” and the Big Bang explanation of origins. This is not science. There is absolutely no way something like this can be scientifically proven. But what secular scientists do teach us is that you cannot teach Earth history or Earth science without talking about the past geological history of the Earth. This then is the goal in teaching geology in our homeschools. Earth science cannot be taught from a neutral position. We must teach starting with, “In the beginning, God…”

And that’s exactly what Patrick Nurre is faithful in doing. He starts by pointing our students to the Truths of God’s Word. And he carries it throughout the curricula that he writes.


Helpful and encouraging suggestions are given to parents right from the start. The tips help parents relax with this easy-to-use curriculum. Because you know how it can sometimes feel like you’re not sure how to teach a subject.

Also, Patrick acknowledges the individuality of children. Of note, he encourages parents to give children opportunities while taking into consideration each child’s abilities.

Curriculum Details

To begin with, there’s a handy-dandy list of the samples that come with the kit. And each sample are the geology types found along the Lewis and Clark expedition.

It’s super fun to think about what samples they may have collected along their journey per President Thomas Jefferson’s request. For there are over 30 samples in the kit alone.

Thomas Jefferson is quoted:

“Take notice of the country you pass through, it’s general face, soil, river, mountains, it’s productions animal, vegetable, and mineral so far as they may be new to us and also be useful; the latitudes of places … the names, numbers, and dwellings of the inhabitants, and such particularities as you can learn of them.”

-President Thomas Jefferson- April 30, 1793

Also included within the pages are historical maps, history, pictures of commemorative stamps and coins, and details about the specific trails they took.

Another aspect I appreciate is that the information about Nebraska addresses The Nebraska Man. In an easy-to-understand way, Patrick Nurre explains about how scientists base this claim and how it’s refuted.

Additionally, pictures and information of fossils from various locations are addressed. And he explains how the different geological formations along their journey had formed.


Of course, she is a key to Lewis’ and Clark’s successful journey. In the section about her, Patrick is forthright about how information about her is limited. Even so, what is known about her is given in the curriculum.

Materials in the Kit

This hands-on kit is done excellently for 3rd-12th grade students. Also included in the kit:

  • The Lewis and Clark Expedition Coloring Book by Peter F. Copeland
  • How We Crossed the West: the Adventures of Lewis and Clark by Rosalyn Schanzer
  • Lewis and Clark for Kids: Their Journey of Discovery with 21 Activities by Janis Herbert
  • Over 30 decent sized samples from along the locations that Lewis and Clark traveled
  • The curriculum written by Patrick Nurre

What I Appreciate the Most

The carrying case makes it easy for on-the-go trips. But even if you don’t take it anywhere, it makes for easy storing.

Plus, I like that the curriculum is in a flexible 3-ring binder. Because it’s lightweight and easy to manage when doing a field study.

Okay, and the rock samples are great. Truly, it’d cost more money for us to try to order rock samples of this size and variety elsewhere. And it would take us a ton of time to try and find the rock samples. Also, some of them may not even be in the area where we live or visited. To say nothing of the cost for ordering the book separately. Therefore, money and time is saved in the long run.

Lastly, I value that stance for teaching the Truths of God’s Word throughout the curriculum. Because we especially want our children grounded in His Truths. And since Geology is the foundation for all natural sciences, it’s the perfect place to start.

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