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About Us

We currently homeschool our six children. We use the Principle Approach® method of teaching and learning and we implement some of the Charlotte Mason style as well.

We know the personal joys of participating in a co-op/support group and the enhancement that educational field trips can bring to these types of organizations. Co-ops/ Support Groups are encouraged to attend any event that we hold!

We also personally know that there may be a season in which belonging to a co-op may not be an option: the time commitment, the expense, the timing, the availabiltiy of a co-op that suits a family’s needs or method of learning, and even the logistics. We have experienced these reasons ourselves and what it’s like to feel “isolated” from the homeschool community. That is a big part of why we are structured in a manner that allows families who don’t belong to a core group to participate as they are able to and according to what interests them. Please read about our membership for more details.



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